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Central Georgia Felony Drug Charge Attorney

There is really no such thing as a minor drug charge. Nearly every drug charge faces the potential for serious penalties. Depending on the amount of drugs you are alleged to have possessed and any prior criminal history, you could potentially face prison time. If you or a loved one faces a drug charge, it is vital to have a skilled, knowledgeable defense lawyer on your side.

Clarence Williams, III, Attorney at Law, defends people accused of every type of drug charge. Our law firm has extensive experience defending individuals against felony drug charges. Prior to founding our firm, Clarence Williams, III, was an Assistant District Attorney for Houston County. In this role he prosecuted many felony drug charges. As a result our law firm understands how to exploit any weaknesses in the government’s case. We defend people accused of possessing or selling all types of drugs, including marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine and OxyContin.

Looking Closely at the Evidence to Prepare the Strongest Possible Defense

Our Warner Robins drug defense attorney has defended many people throughout central Georgia, and understands what to look for in these types of cases. Every drug charge involves unique facts and unique defenses. In the earliest stages of your case, we will review the evidence to develop the best available defense against your charges. We will look at the circumstances behind your arrest to see whether or not the police had reason to stop you. We will explore whether or not the police search violated your rights. Many drug cases involve the use of confidential informants. We will examine the credibility of these informants. In short, every action we take will be with the purpose of strengthening your defense. Our aggressive, strategic approach has helped clients achieve the dismissal or reduction of their charges on numerous occasions.

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