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Middle Georgia DUI Lawyer

In Georgia, drunk driving penalties are very harsh. Even a first offense DUI conviction will bring a mandatory jail sentence. A second or third DUI within 10 years will lead to even worse punishments. If you face a DUI charge, you must make a number of important decisions. The most important decision you will make is your choice of lawyer. It is crucial to have a lawyer on your side who understands the relevant laws and procedures, and will work diligently to protect your rights.

Williams Law Group, offers a strong defense to drunk driving allegations. Our law firm will investigate all of the evidence and examine all possible defenses, including:

  • Whether or not the police had a reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle
  • Whether or not any field sobriety tests (FSTs) were performed validly
  • Whether or not the equipment used to measure your blood alcohol content (BAC) level was performing properly

We have defended many people in Warner Robins and throughout the surrounding areas of central Georgia against DUI charges. We also represent servicemen and women stationed at Robins Air Force Base in military DUI charges.

Defending Against the Civil and Criminal Parts of a Drunk Driving Charge

After a DUI charge, the state of Georgia will attempt to suspend your driver’s license, even before your criminal case goes to court. You do have the right to an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing to challenge the suspension of your license. When you receive notice that your driver’s license will be suspended, you have 10 days to request a hearing. Our Warner Robins DUI attorney will represent you at your ALS hearing in addition to your criminal case. These hearings are important in a number of ways. First, if we are successful in your ALS hearing, it is likely we will be successful in convincing the prosecution to dismiss your criminal case. Even if we are not successful in your ALS hearing, we can gain information about the evidence against you and use this evidence in your defense against the criminal charges.

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